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Analytical outsourcing made easier!

Koalyz guides food companies in their analytical outsourcing projects.
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Analytical outsourcing made easier!

Koalyz guides food companies in their analytical outsourcing projects.

Spending too much time sourcing your analysis?

Koalyz connects you with the best third-party laboratories.

Picto - Gagner du temps en confiant ses besoins en analyses

Save time

Entrust us with your needs and we will find your partner laboratory.

Picto - Trouver le laboratoire qui correspond à ses attentes

Find your match

Among the myriad of laboratories, Koalyz finds the partner which suits you best.

Picto - Trouver le bon partenaire d'analyse

Break the ice

Once we put you in contact, Koalyz lets you work directly with the laboratory.

How does it work?

We identify and select your potential partners and provide you with the best service offer.

If the proposition suits you, we put you in touch with the laboratory and then charge for the sourcing.

Once you get in touch with the lab, you two work directly together and forget about Koalyz… until you need us again!

Our Job :
Food analysis sourcing

Do you spend too much time sourcing your analysis?
Devote your time to your priorities!

Sourcing is about being at your side and listening to your specific needs of analysis.

Then, an investigation process begins in order to study your request, identify and exchange with specialized laboratories and provide you with service offers as quickly as possible.

Finally, sourcing is about anticipating by offering you development opportunities and lasting partnerships with new laboratories.

Our commitments

Picto - Mise en relation avec des laboratoires indépendants


You work directly with specialized laboratories.

As soon as you get in touch, you can communicate freely with them.

Picto - Trouver le partenaire analytique le plus adapté


We do not sign exclusivity agreements with the laboratories we select for you.

Our goal is to provide you with the partner which best suits your needs.

Picto - Sourcer vos analyses en toute confidentialité


Our analytical souring work respects the confidentiality related to your issues and obligations.

Picto - Travailler en toute simplicité


All it takes is a phone call or an email; then we can work together!

Our sourcing service doesn’t require any registration form.

If you spend too much time sourcing your analysis, please contact us!

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    Koalyz SAS

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